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BAVARIAN FEST OLYMPICS: Where locals compete for bragging rights

In a small town, bragging rights are everything. We work side by side, day in and day out. We are friends and co-workers; we volunteer together. But put us on opposing sides in a “friendly” competition and the gloves come off. The highly motivated among us come up with clever team names and team uniforms. We show our team pride by wearing matching shirts or dress in the same color, anything that designates you are one of us and not one of them!

The teams only consist of 5 members, so the selection of your “teammates” is important. Even though it’s all for fun, you still want to win. You put together your team and hope for the best because you really aren’t sure what skills are going to be required. Do you need a fast eater, a fast runner, a fast dresser? Who knows? The challenges are not announced until the week prior and by then the teams are already decided.

The Friday night of Bavarian Festival is when the prestigious games take place at the main festival grounds. The teams gather, the score board is posted, the rules are read. Now, "let the games begin"! After that, you witness the most hilarious relays you can imagine. Of course, the players want to win. However, in order to do so, they have to be the fastest to eat a Bavarian soft pretzel, roll an empty half barrel across the competition field or dress in a dirndl after spinning around multiple times. Perhaps, it’s a no hands pass the potato contest, a race with all team members on a set of skis and synchronizing steps, or smashing strawberries in a barrel with your feet. No matter the competition, it is highly entertaining to see the teams pull together and motivate each other to become the champions!

When the dust settles and scores are tallied, one team rises as the victor. There is an actual trophy that they get to keep for the year. The winning team’s name is engraved on it and photos are taken for the local newspaper. But more important than all of that is the bragging rights…to be brought up throughout the next year, at just the right moment when you want just a little of the upper hand.

Bavarian Festival Olympics will take place on Friday, June 9th, at 7 p.m. next to the main festival tent in Zehnder Park. Come and see who will take home the coveted trophy and bragging rights!

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