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Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Civic Events Council's Bavarian Festival.


While we know you and your business has had an extremely difficult year, we genuinely appreciate the support you have shown us in the past.   


With your sponsorship, the Civic Events Council is able to continue its generous charitable giving, which includes the funding of three annual collegiate scholarships and additional funding of cultural exchanges between Frankenmuth’s Sister City, Gunzenhausen, Germany and Frankenmuth, MI.  This festival boasts two world-class parades that attract thousands to Frankenmuth’s downtown area.  This is all done while continuing to celebrate the traditions that have helped make Frankenmuth one of Michigan’s top tourist destinations! We know this year’s Festival may have a different look to it but trust us it will still be the same old Bavarian Festival at heart. 


We are asking for your support, whatever you may be able to donate. The festival may look different this year, but with your help, we will move forward together. Please reach out to us to discuss a sponsor package that best suits your business. As a community, we sincerely appreciate your support of the festival and look forward to when our streets are once again filled.

Sponsorship Menu

All sponsors will be linked on our website and appear on our sponsor board.

Stein - $5,000
Additional Benefits:  1 Parade Banner, 2 Signs by the Main Stage, 6 Princess Coronation Tickets & 25 Admission Buttons and be featured on our social media pages

Polka - $2,500
Additional Benefits:  1 Parade banner, 4 Princess Coronation Tickets & 20 Admission Buttons and be featured on our social media pages

Edelweiss - $1,000
Additional Benefits:  1 Parade banner, 2 Princess Coronation Tickets & 10 Admission Buttons and be featured on our social media pages

Half Barrel - $500
Additional Benefits:  2 Princess Coronation Tickets & 6 Admission Buttons

Pretzel - $250
Additional Benefits:  4 Admission Buttons

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